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Are you looking to learn how to drive and are a complete novice? New to the country need to get your licence? Have wanted to learn but didn’t have the time?

For whatever reason you have taken the decision to become a driver rest assured it is a good decision as this is an important life skill that can really help you in the long run.  Although learning to drive can be time consuming and costly the benefits of being a driver outweigh the time and effort spent on learning this skill.

Before you are able to start to learn to drive there are some legalities that have to be fulfilled namely that you are 17 and above, you eyesight meets the required standard and that you are in possession of a provisional licence.  (Please follow link to apply for a provisional licence if you do not already have one). (provisional licence link)

At Aryan driving school we will teach you everything that you need to know to become a competent driver and be able to pass the standard dvsa driving practical driving test.

Our instructors do this because they are highly knowledgeable and are professional, reliable and competent Instructors.  Their competence is matched with a training course that is designed to be covered by the instructors to help you achieve competency in your driving skills.

At Aryan driving we want you to feel in control of your learning this is why we have made it an important aspect of the actual lesson that you know the aim and objectives of each lesson that you take.

For example first driving lessons often make learners nervous as they don’t know what to expect.  Aryan driving school will if you like talk you through the process of the first lesson beforehand and make sure that you are aware of what will happen and when.  After your initial lesson all subsequent lessons follow a similar format where the instructor will begin with a recap of your previous lesson and what you will be doing in that lesson.

Aryan driving instructors will pace the lessons to suit your ability and needs.